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My name is Henrik Beck (56), I am an addiction counselor and project manager employed at the inpatient treatment center Alfa-Fredensborg. My new website will give a comprehensive insight to my visions to create development and improvements in the area of alcohol and drug treatment.

My mission is to give many more people better opportunities to achieve a life without having to use alcohol, illegal drugs or prescription drugs. The new website also aims to focus on how alcohol and drug treatment can become more modern and “up to date”, so that the treatment models can meet the society’s movement, which focuses on the individual’s right to decide what's best for them, in their own life.

The HB model was developed because people trusted me and gave me the opportunity to build a alcohol and drug treatment model from scratch and completely without limitations from other previously developed treatment models.

The HB model is today an effective alternative to much of the alcohol and drug treatment, that has been dominant in Denmark and abroad in recent years.

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It is my vision with the HB model, to become the world's best and most coherent alcohol and drug treatment model.

The vision is to be the most calm and compassionate treatment model, where ethics, philosophy and different treatment methods, together create a treatment environment, where the clients supremely decide what to work with during the health and treatment process.


It is my mission with the HB model, to be the future and the most dominant treatment model within the area of alcohol and drug treatment.

The mission is to spread the model's ethics, philosophy and different treatment methods, so that the model meets the societal trends, that demand better and more modern alcohol and drug treatment.

Treatment with a focus on client involvement and holistic health


The HB model

The HB model is best understood as a calm, loving and compassionate temple - containing a philosophy, two theories and some easy-to-understand house rules.

The temple is open and can be used by all organizations that want more client involvement and want to offer alcohol and drug treatment in a calm, healthy treatment environment. All treatment organizations with the courage to change, can bring their current methods into the temple, and in 8 training days with Henrik Beck, develop your own new HB model.

The HB model described here on my website is the inpatient treatment center Alfa-Fredensborg's own unique HB model. Alfa-Fredensborg had the courage to move into the temple and now offers treatment in the fantastic reality, where it is the clients, who put together their own health and treatment course in a compassionate treatment environment.

I hope that by reading about the HB model, your organization will be inspired and find the courage to move into the temple and, together with me, become the next organization to develop its own unique HB model.



The HB model is a bio-psycho-social treatment model for clarifying, assessing and treating alcohol and drug addiction, as well as other closely related disorders caused or aggravated by problematic use of alcohol, illegal drugs or prescription drugs. These challenges can be underlying personality disorders, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, dyssocial personality traits or incipient personality and lifestyle crises. 


The HB model is fully compatible with: 

(ICD-10) Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems. 

World Health Organization (WHO). 

The Ayurvedic Health System (AHS). 

The Hatha and Vinyasa yoga tradition. 

(RCA) Recovery Coach Academy. 

(MBR) Mindfulness Based Drug Treatment 


The HB model integrates three conceptual models: 

A bio-psycho-social alcohol and drug treatment model. 

A holistic health model. 

A relapse prevention therapy model. 


The HB model's five systems for progression: 


Holistic health guidance. 

Problem-solving group therapy. 

Individual therapy and counseling. 

Written assignments via eight manual-based workbooks. 


HB model




The philosophy of the HB model is based on the believe that all people (the clients) have good intentions in relation to their own lives and in relation to the people he/she cares about. 

I believe - that all people (including people with alcohol and drug addictions) 'deep down' have a good sense of what helps us and we all have the ability to choose what is good for us and what we need, to live a good life with freedom, balance and health. 

I believe - that if an appreciative, safe and supportive treatment environment is created, then the clients will naturally make the choices that enables them to achieve stable abstinence. In addition, it will be possible to achieve a “therapeutic room" where there will be an opportunity for an open, respectful and reflective interaction between therapist and client. 

I believe - that all people fundamentally have insight into what makes sense and is good for them, especially when they are safe and have a low stress level. It is this philosophy, that has led me to develop the HB model. 

I have decided to stand by my belief that all clients in alcohol and drug treatment must have the opportunity to choose for themselves, because it is deep in their nature, to choose the right things them. 


HB model


the world's






The HB model is eclectic, as it is composed of different evidence-based methods and theoretical directions, including a bio-psycho-social alcohol and drug treatment model, a holistic health model and a relapse prevention therapy model. 

That is why The HB model, can’t be understood as a specific direction, but as a collective term for the many efforts that are used across methods and theoretical directions. However, this doesn't mean that the model has not described its organization, methods, values and its view of humanity. 

In the HB model, alcohol or drug addiction is not seen as an independent problem, but as part of a larger problem complex that must be treated to its full extent. 

In the HB model, it is up to the clients to develop and put together their own personal health and treatment course and make it as exciting, effective and meaningful as possible. 

The eclectic model gives clients the opportunity to choose services and health and treatment activities based on what makes sense for the individual client. 


The HB model is both theoretically and practically grounded in the theory of empowerment. 

Here, the client is seen as an independent individual who has a basic desire to have an influence on their own life and wishes for treatment. 

With freedom also comes the responsibility to make decisions, so that they are meaningful and have an impact on the clients' future life opportunities. 

Many clients with a problematic use of alcohol, illegal drugs or medication have experienced that they have lost, or have never had, any power over their own lives. 

I believe in and offer treatment based on the fact, that it is highly motivating to take personal responsibility and choose for yourself the health and treatment activities that make sense and that helps each individual client, get closer to their personal goals.


HB model 






 Henrik Beck offers your organization the opportunity to become the next alcohol or drug treatment center, that in the future offers effective treatment in the fantastic reality, where it is the clients themselves, who manage and put together their own health and treatment course.

Treatment with the HB model is not that difficult at all, nor particularly complicated in practice. It just requires some "wise and brave" therapists, who have the courage to let the clients decide for themselves and let them work with what makes sense to them. 

 "Your organization can work in the reality of the HB model, if you dare to let go of control and step out of the roles of experts" 

The HB model can be advantageously used in treatment centers, that offer either outpatient or inpatient treatment for clients with problematic consumption of either alcohol, illegal drugs or prescription drugs.  

Henrik Beck can support and teach your organization to become experts in using the HB model. Be the next in the line of alcohol and drug treatment centers, to acquire the opportunity, to develop their very own unique HB model. 

My driving forces  

I have developed the HB model to create an effective alternative to the type of treatment that has been dominant worldwide since the early 1950s.

For the past 12 years I have lived by the belief, that the best alcohol and drug treatment we can offer, is based on basic values such as kindness, love and compassion.  

It is my hope and wish for the future, that the time of treatment methods based on strong confrontation, will be discontinued or changed. The time when the therapist's success is measured by the person's ability to manipulate and force the clients to go in a predetermined direction, which the organization has decided in advance, doesn't live up to the contemporary change in society. 

My contribution with the HB model - to the field of treatment is more modern and an effective counterpart to the forms of treatment that have existed for the past 70 years. Forms of treatment that has been allowed to threaten, pressure and manipulate people, because they were in a life crisis, due to the use of alcohol, illegal drugs or an overuse of medication.  

The HB model has proved, that treatment based on confrontation is no longer necessary or particularly effective. Instead, we must help clients clarify values and build the ability to reflect and (re)create good, healthy relationships. If we can do this in a caring way, we will help clients understand that alcohol and drug addiction is often a symptom of other underlying problems. In this way, we create the opportunity to build a good therapeutic space, where we can support the clients to rebuild themselves and find faith in a good life without alcohol, illegal drugs or prescription drugs.

The HB model is the perfect tool to create a caring therapeutic space, where the clients is met with love and not confrontation and restriction. 



is the driving foce in the

HB model