SoMe is an abbreviation for Social Media, as a collective term. 

SoMe has gradually become a concept, that is difficult to avoid today, if you want to sell a product or promote a certain agenda. 

There are a lot of different types of social media, but the most used and popular today are: 







I have become acquainted with most of them and use them purposefully to promote my message, that the HB model is the world's best alcohol and drug treatment offer. 

"Henrik Beck"




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I am proud of the HB model and what we have created, deserves to be exposed around the world. I, in close collaboration with many other talented people, have created a fantastic alcohol and drug treatment model, which we can be familiar with showing off on social media. 

Hello - for those of you, who are curious and would like to follow my work in further developing and modernizing the area of alcohol and drug treatment, please feel free to follow "" on Facebook. 

There will be regular updates with weekly news about my work, primarily about the HB model and its path to becoming the new major treatment model of the future. 

Social media

There are those, who claim that your company or your message does not exist, if it isn't on social media. 

These are perhaps somewhat harsh words, but nevertheless close to the truth and that is basically why I actively use various social media. 

Those of us, who have something on our minds must recognize, that we live in a digital reality, where people expect to be able to find everything online in just a few seconds. That is why my website is currently integrated with both Facebook and Instagram. 

In addition, my website "" will be integrated with YouTube in the near future. The goal is, that small videos will be released about my work to make the HB model in particular more well-known beyond Denmark's borders. 

I can also be found on Twitter "@hbpowercoach", where I will primarily express experiences, opinions and attitudes to what generally happens politically in both Denmark and other countries, especially in the social area. There, I will have a sharp and critical eye on areas such as: 

drug policy 

social policy 

homeless policy 

Henrik Beck



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