A temple of love and compassion

The HB model is best understood as a calm, loving and compassionate temple - containing a philosophy, two theories and some easy-to-understand house rules.

The temple is open and can be used by all organizations that wants client involvement and a calm, healthy treatment environment. You and your organization can bring your current methods into the temple and, in close collaboration with Henrik Beck, develop your own new HB model.

The HB model described here on my website is the inpatient treatment center Alfa-Fredensborg's own unique HB model. Alfa-Fredensborg had the courage to move into the temple and now offers treatment in the fantastic reality, where it is the clients who put together their own health and treatment course in a calm treatment environment.

I hope that your organization also has the motivation and courage to move into the temple and, together with me, develop your new HB model.

For those of you who are curious about the HB model

Thank you for clicking on my website, which is basically about how alcohol and drug treatment can develop and be ready to meet the societal movement, that are about the individual's right to decide, in their own life. 

I would also like to congratulate you for choosing to invest time in learning about, what I would call, the world's best and most client-involved alcohol and drug treatment ever developed. My new website will give a thorough insight into the HB model, which is the latest model in the treatment of alcohol and drug addiction, as well as other closely related disorders caused or aggravated by problematic use of alcohol and drugs. 

To date, the HB model has been clinically tested in more than 3,200 treatment courses over a period of 13 years.

Therefore, the time has now come - where the whole world must have the opportunity to become familiar with the HB model and its many opportunities, to make a difference for the people, who have had enough of a life with alcohol, illegal drugs or various forms of medicine. 

I can proudly say that the model works, and it has already proven its worth in different treatment organizations and for many different types of clients.

The greatest strength of the HB model is, that it is multi-flexible, so that it can easily be adapted to several different levels of care and to a wide range of client types, who either participate in out- or inpatient programs or to inmates in prison treatment. 

Create your own unique

HB model, adapted to your treatment center

The HB model is not "rocket science"

But it is a practical model for creating client involvement - and I personally think that it is the best, I have come across so far. All that is required are good, wise professionals, who have the courage to step out of the role of expert and authority and into a treatment room, where it is the clients' dreams, goals and wishes for the future, that guides the treatment process.

The HB model is an alcohol and drug treatment model, where clients put together their own alcohol or drug treatment course. The ground-breaking feature of the model is, that the clients choose the activities themselves, on a daily basis, which, when combined with other activities, become their personal health and treatment plan. Or in other words:

"The clients choose the path, that makes sense for them, based on the resources they have, at a given time". 

Do you dare to let go of your illusion of control? 

The HB model is a model that places you, in your role as therapist, where you belong - next to the clients, or maybe even behind them. Use all your knowledge and experience to help with, what the clients want and what makes sense to them. The client's health and treatment plan does not have to make sense to you - as long as it makes sense to the client 

The HB model is for clients in alcohol and drug treatment, who wants to be in charge of their treatment process and for professional therapists, who dare to give up the illusion of control and have the courage to step out of the expert role! 

World's best

I have often been met with a healthy skepticism about the HB model, especially because there is no evidence yet, as to whether the method even works in practice. In the treatment world, where everyone is in such a hurry to find evidence-based methods, it is a challenge to come up with a model, where the clients themselves decide, what they want to work with during the treatment process. 

I know our philosophy, that "the clients are experts in their own lives" has prevented several organizations from starting to use the HB model.

However, I am not known for giving up and I will continue to fight for what I believe in, because I have seen how the HB model can support many people to achieve a good life with freedom, balance and health. 

Other professionals in the area of alcohol and drug treatment have often asked me "Henrik, why do you continue to stick to the HB model, which is so much different from what we already know"? My answer is always the same!

"Because it is the world's best way to support people and because it creates the best treatment environment".

In addition, I always talk about my vision, which is about renewing and modernizing the treatment area and my goal to give even more people, in many different organizations, in many different countries, the opportunity to get to know the HB model. 

The HB model

is going to change your

treatment center forever

Breaking news

Now your organization has the opportunity to learn and offer effective alcohol and drug treatment in the fantastic reality, where it is the clients themselves who manage and compose their own health and treatment course.

It is not that difficult at all, nor particularly complicated in practice. It just requires some "smart" therapists, who have the courage to let the clients decide for themselves and let them work with what makes sense to them. 

"Your organization can work in the reality of the HB model if you dare to let go of control and step out of your own roles as experts" 

The HB model can be advantageously used at treatment centers, that offer either outpatient or inpatient treatment to clients with problematic use of either alcohol, illegal drugs or prescription drugs. 

Become experts in using the HB model and get the opportunity to become the next organization, with its very own unique HB model. All participants from your organization will become part of a dynamic and practical training course, where the participants themselves must contribute knowledge and their own experiences, so that the result will be your organization's own unique HB model, which everyone in the organization can see themselves in and be proud of. Below is a short, but inspiring list of what the HB model will certainly add to your organization in the future: 


(1) - to provide clients with the best treatment experience. 

(2) - to put the clients at the center of the treatment process. 

(3) - to use a proven holistic health model. 

(4) - to create an inspiring learning and treatment environment. 

(5) - to reduce the level of stress and conflict among the clients. 

(6) - to reduce the stress level in the treatment group. 

(7) - to create a calm and healthy working environment. 

The HB model basically wants to offer compassionate treatment and do so, in an intelligent way. 

Training with

Henrik Beck

With Henrik Beck as teacher - an 8-day creative training is now offered to therapists and organizations, that in the future want to offer alcohol and drug treatment using the HB model. 

You can now buy and participate in 8 days of creative training, where your organization develops your unique HB model, adapted to your target group, the services you offer, staff composition and your current methods. It will be 8 fantastic days, where you as an organization will move closely together and develop your very own unique HB model and at the same time create the opportunity to become new trendsetters in the field of treatment far into the future. 

If your organization wants to be part of the future and become part of a group of organizations, that fundamentally want something new and will help create a more humane culture in the area of alcohol and drug treatment. A new culture aimed at alcohol and drug treatment can become more modern and be ready to meet the societal movements, that are about the individual's right to decide in their own life. 

The 8 days of training

The 8 days of training with Henrik Beck, as instructor will be enlightening and exciting days, where there will be a special focus on how your treatment toolbox can be both expanded and improved. After the 8-day training, your organization will become both more efficient, more empathetic in contact with clients, and the working environment will basically become calmer and more stable in your organization.

When you participate in the 8-day training, you and your colleagues will learn:

1) Knowledge of how a therapist can work with the HB model and how the model is integrated into an organization.

2) Knowledge of the theories used to develop the HB model and an opportunity to go a step deeper around themes such as client involvement, the good collaboration and the goal of promoting the clients' ability to take responsibility in their health and treatment process.

3) Possibility of establishing a large professional network - where knowledge and practical experience can be exchanged with other organizations, that also offer treatment according to the HB model's treatment method.

The HB model

can best be understood as a carm, loving and compassionate temple